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We are commonly known in this industry as SIMI. We believe we offer several unique approaches to professional self storage management. By design, we are both large enough to afford our clients economies of scale and substantial broad scope management experience, yet small enough for our principals and executive team to focus closely on the results. With our combined self storage experience in excess of 100 years, we are confident of our abilities to outperform others.

Our mission is to provide professional, effective and valuable self storage management for your property. Our approach to each property and client is simple. We determine your objectives of ownership, evaluate your market, property, and staff, then develop a unique plan designed to achieve your stated objectives. We will enact, achieve and refine the plan over time, all the while making ourselves available to meet with you as frequently as needed and provide continuous communications, reporting and analysis throughout the process. Owners are welcome to be as involved as they wish.

We are confident our highly focused, customized and effective strategies will maximize results and create value on your behalf as we have for our other clients.

Boutique Type Culture
Boutique storage management companies are high service firms. They have historically outperformed large real estate companies. They have a smaller clientele, but make up for by providing impeccable service. The fact that they don’t look like a big company should not keep you from considering them, especially if performance is the objective.

A boutique firm will give you, our client, the attention that you need. They will be there to hold your hand, answer all your questions, and make you feel that your business means more to them. A boutique firm will give you great service.


Mr. Inman started his Self Storage career in 1985 with a national self storage development, consulting and operations firm. As VP of Operations, responsibilities included over 600,000 square feet of self storage project staff coordination, new facility startup and marketing on a national basis.

In the late 1980’s as President for a Boston, MA based self storage management company, Inman fine-tuned his retail approach to the marketing and operations of over 700,000 square feet of self storage space. Capitalizing from his extensive experience with operations, development and marketing self storage properties, Inman co-founded Storage Investment Management, Inc. in September of 1988. Since 1994, Inman continues to participate with ownership interest in 11 self storage properties which are all managed by Storage Investment Management, Inc. This ownership provides a unique knowledge of the storage business from all aspects of operation as well as financing, acquisition and development.
SIMI currently has over 1,200,000 Square Feet of Self Storage Under Management.

Phone: (651) 351-9579
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 198 Stillwater, MN 55082



In 1990 Fritts joined Sovran Self Storage dba Uncle Bob’s Self Storage as Vice President of Property Management. This company became a NYSE listed Real Estate Investment Trust in June 1995 and Fritts was promoted to Sr. Vice President – Property Management. Key achievements include increasing income from $ 4.5 million to $ 46 million (a 922% gain); increasing financial occupancy from mid 70% to 90%. The acquisition of 6.7 million sq. ft., 128 properties created a self-storage portfolio of 8.5 million sq. ft. on 160 properties spread over 20 states.

From 1997 through 1999 Fritts served as Senior Vice President – Development / Construction with responsibility to create and organize this new division with a mission to construct new space, redevelop existing space into climate control, heavy maintenance, and to administer all zoning / planning and real estate legal matters.

Throughout his career, Fritts has specialized in marketing, operations, acquisition due diligence, and turnaround situations. In 2000, Fritts joined Storage Investment Management, Inc (SIMI) as Chief Operating Officer, responsible for the daily operations of the management portfolio, feasibility studies, due diligence, acquisitions, financial analysis, budgeting and contract management relations and administration. In 2001, Fritts became a full partner/principal in Storage Investment Management, Inc.

Phone: (716) 689-7377
Mailing Address: 40 Lily Brooke Ct. E. Amherst NY 14051


Connie Meyer, VP - Administration

In 2004, Ms. Meyer joined Storage Investment Management, Inc. as Accounting/Administrative Manager. Here she had responsibility for all administrative and accounting functions for 30 plus self-storage locations throughout the Northeast corridor of the US.

In 2008, Ms. Meyer was promoted to the position of Vice President – Administration. As a key member of SIMI’s senior executive staff, she continues in an expanded role to manage the corporate office administrative personnel and all administration and accounting functions companywide for SIMI.

Connie is a key member of SIMI's Senior Executive Staff


Michael F. Knapp, VP of Operations

Mr. Knapp started his Self Storage career in 1986 with a national self storage company as a storage manager in Syracuse NY. In 1989 SIMI assumed management of that property at which time Knapp joined SIMI in the same capacity.

During 2009, recognizing his special skills for coaching personnel to maximize their results, Mr. Knapp was promoted to Vice President of Operations. His responsibilities in that role include the day to day management and operations of all the properties that SIMI manages. This includes personnel, projects, maintenance and capital improvements.

Mike is a key member of SIMI's Senior Executive Staff.


Brigitte Storti, Director of Training and Marketing

Brigitte began her self storage career in 2006 with Storage Investment Management Inc as a Sales Manager at a busy, new suburban location. She successfully reorganized this new property, taking control of all aspects of management with an intense focus on income growth through a variety of strategies. Brigitte was very effective in her new role.

SIMI, recognizing her excellent work, promoted Mrs. Storti to Senior Sales Manager in 2012; where she was responsible for the daily operations of four self storage facilities. Mrs. Storti was again promoted in 2014 to her current position as Director of Training and Marketing, where she manages all aspects of Training and Marketing for 30+ locations throughout the North East.

Brigitte is a key member of SIMI's Senior Executive Staff.


Chris Knapp - Regional Operations Director

Chris Knapp joined Storage Investment Management Inc. in the spring of 2016 after holding a number of successful management and property management positions in the past. Chris started his management career with FedEx Ground, first overseeing a small group before being promoted to a service manager and being responsible for the wellbeing of his staff in a busy and dangerous work environment.

His time in this position along with the subsequent management position of a health club has allowed Chris to see the true benefits of solid teamwork and outstanding customer service, which he hopes to continue to promote at SIMI.

Chris has a natural ability to coach others and bring out the best in everyone he works with, this comes from years of coaching different sports and being a lacrosse official. Holding himself and those around him to the highest possible standards is not only important to him but is something Chris believes is essential to success in the work place and life itself. Chris looks forward to being a part of the continued growth and success of SIMI and all of those involved in the process.

Michele Johnson-Sealy - Regional Operations Director

Michele started her Self Storage career in August 1989 with a mom & pop self storage facility in Boston, MA as an assistant manager/customer service rep. In October 1990 SIMI assumed management of that property at which time Michele joined SIMI in the capacity of Sales Associate.

In 1996 recognizing her growth & experience in regular operations of a storage facility, SIMI promoted Michele to Sales Manager at a location in Cambridge, MA. In early 1997, a new facility in Hyde Park was purchased & Michele was offered the Sales manager’s position there, where she spent the next 19 years. In this capacity Michele was awarded “Manager of the Year” 7 times & was also recognized every year since 1998 for various achievements in operating the Hyde Park location at the annual SIMI Leadership Conferences. Part of that time was also spent as Senior/District Sales Manager, supervising several other locations in the Massachusetts area. Her responsibilities included conducting quarterly audits, scheduling & setting up auctions & daily supervisory responsibilities.

In August 2016 Michele was promoted to Regional Operations Director, responsible for oversight of approximately 50% of the current 30 properties managed by SIMI, staff and DSM's.

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